Happy Thoughts

I thought it would be fun to keep a running list of happy thoughts- all the moments and people (and don’t forget pets!) in my life that make me smile.  This is kind of like a gratitude journal and I should note that this is in no specific order.  I’ll update this list when the mood strikes and have it to look back on when I’m feeling blue to remind myself of all the good in life.

So here goes- All the people, places and things that make me happy:

  1. My pup Pepper who I love with all my heart each and every day
  2. I love quiet times at home, it’s nice to just sit and think
  3. The color green
  4. Hugging my hubs (he gives the best hugs ever!)
  5. Slow and relaxing mornings
  6. Weekends with no plans
  7. Evening walks with Aaron and our pup
  8. Getting the best advice ever from my mom after a rough day
  9. Partner workouts with Aaron, he encourages me and makes it easy
  10. Shopping at the  mall during the holidays, I love the atmosphere!
  11. Sunny days in the winter
  12. Hanging out in coffee shops
  13. Catching up with my sisters
  14. Saying hi to pepper when I get home from work
  15. Getting random text messages from friends back in Pennsylvania
  16.  I love when Aaron takes care of me when I’m not feeling well
  17. The first cool day of the fall season
  18. Meeting new friends for the first time
  19. Seeing my baby boy’s face light up when I look at him
  20. Watching my husband read to our baby

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