Hello, my name is Kristyn.  Welcome to my blog- I’m so glad you’re here! A little about me:  I’m the proud mama of a precious little boy, very spoiled pup and three cute kitties.  I got married in May of 2015 to the man of my dreams and we are currently living in Columbus, OH.  We spend our free time exploring the city and are always looking for fun outdoor activities to occupy our weekends.  When we are not off having fun, we are working scientists- total dorks, I know. I can safely say that we have built a pretty nice life together.  We are content right where we are at but also excited for what the future holds.


When I started this blog I was thirty years old.  I realized that the most important moments of my life were about to happen and I wanted to create a journal to remember how I felt during this exciting time.  Aaron and I made the courageous decision to start a family not long after our wedding.  We had no idea what we were in store for but this blog does a pretty job of keeping track of all the amazing, and not so amazing, moments that have happened since that decision.  Some posts are just fun stories, some are introducing my family to our future little one and some are just me writing because that’s what I felt like doing.  You’ll find that a lot of the posts are written to my future babies with the hope that my family will look back on those entries and realize how much I love and value them.

Life has so many ups and downs.  I’ve found writing has not only been fun, but also very therapeutic.  This blog is definitely a work in a progress- but so is life 🙂

 I hope you enjoy reading my blog!



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