Four Months of Mr. Evi

I’m not sure how, but my baby is four months old.  Evi is growing like a weed.  He is 16 pounds and LOVES to eat 🙂  In addition to eating, he loves the following:

  • watching every move that mommy and daddy make
  • kicking across the pool in his floaty
  • bath time (basically anything water related)
  • hanging out in his jumper activity table
  • smiling and laughing
  • watching sesame street
  • being held and cuddled
  • going for hikes with mommy and daddy (he loves looking up at the trees)


  • when mommy and daddy don’t pay attention to him for even just one second

This little boy is a HAM!  He loves showing off and giggling, smiling and making all kinds of baby noises at us.  He loves when I just sit and watch him play.  He’s getting better at entertaining himself, but it’s only for short periods of time.  This little guy is a social butterfly and loves to be apart of whatever is happening.  Besides the occasional cry when mommy is trying to complete a chore without him or when he is hungry, Mr. Man is one happy baby!  I couldn’t ask for a more charming baby to spend my days with- he has my heart ❤  One little smile and he gets whatever he wants!

Evi’s next doctor’s appointment is September 16th.  I’m excited to see how much he has grown and I’m hoping the doctor clears us to start experimenting with a little with some purees.  We tried banana just a couple of times and he seemed to do just fine with it, but I didn’t want to try anything else without getting the go ahead from the doctor.  I have a feeling this little boy is ready for more than just milk though 😉

Evi is still wearing size 2 diapers and still in 6-9 month clothes.  He’s starting to fill out a little more and has been looking pretty darn cute in some of the outfits we got him.  He still thinks pooping is hilarious (and so does daddy).  He has been sleeping through most nights and if he is up, it’s just for a diaper change and bottle and then he is out like a light again.  He sleeps in a pack n play next to our bed and I think we will lower the mattress on it soon because Evi is starting to be more mobile.  He rolls from one side to the other, and every once in a while rolls completely over, but not consistently.  He can completely hold his head up on his own and loves to grab anything in his way.  He still loves Daddy’s beard the most though!

We had a successful 4 month photo shoot and the pics are below- hope you enjoy them!  But before you look- check this out (Evi is getting so big!):

Evi- you have grown so much this last month and I love watching it all happen.  You are such a smart baby and it’s so fun to watch you discover new things.  Your smile lights up the room and I can’t imagine my life without you there to brighten up each and every day ❤

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