2017 Family Vacation

After a very fun, but incredibly busy summer Aaron and I took our little man for a much needed family vacation. The past few months have been full of all kinds of crazy (becoming parents, buying a house, travel for work and taking classes), leaving Aaron and me completely burnt out and exhausted. We needed a moment to re-charge and this vacation popped up at the perfect time. We flew down to Tampa, FL (Evi’s first time on a plane!) and then rented a car and drove to Anna Maria Island. It was so warm and beautiful there- a perfect place to unplug from our busy lives and just enjoy ourselves. It was a relaxing and carefree week- just what the doctor ordered. We laid on the beach, cruised around on a pontoon boat, ate lots of seafood and spent some quality time with my family (Allisyn and Dan- we missed you SO much!). I posted pics below (photo credit goes to my incredibly talented sister, Lauryn).

I cherish these moments. Spending time with family is the most important thing. I want Evi to grow up knowing his family is much bigger than just Aaron and me. We are already planning our next trip to visit Aaron’s family. We are hoping to make it out to Washington state before the end of the year so Evi can meet his cousin Cooper and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. Living so far from our families can be really tough sometimes, but we do the best we can to keep everyone involved. Luckily, sending picture updates is pretty darn easy and it’s something I do as often as possible. Having this blog helps a lot too. This year has been particularly tough with vacation time because of using so much on my maternity leave, but I know that it will get easier and there will be more vacation time for family visits in the future. I’m excited to watch Evi grow up and spend time with our families- I always enjoyed those moments and I know that Evi will too 🙂

Evi, you will always have family that loves you, both near and far. Never forget that distance means nothing when family means everything.

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