Sundays are for Snuggles

It’s rainy and cold in Columbus. Such a dreary Monday morning. The good news is I had a really great weekend. Aaron went to New Orleans for a bachelor party so we had a Mommy/Evi weekend. I only had a few small chores to do so I got those done on Saturday, leaving Sunday for Evi and me to do whatever we wanted. We slept in until 9:30 am- it was so nice! Evi was in the best mood so we stayed in bed for another 30 minutes or so just reading books and playing with toys. After that we started our day with a big cup of coffee (well, a cup of coffee for mommy and a big bottle for the little man). Evi played on his activity mat while I took a quick shower and then we made our way to the zoo. We went to see the polar bears first. There was a mama and her twin cubs out and about. They were playing with toys and jumping in and out of the pool. The zoo has a downstairs viewing area that is underneath the pool. Evi loved it! We spent almost an hour just sitting and watching the polar bears swim around. He would follow them and all the fish around with the biggest eyes I have ever seen. Here are some pics- it was pretty amazing!

After that we went over to the aquarium. We sat for another hour or so just watching the fish swim by. I was surprised at how long it kept Evi’s attention. I was grateful for the relaxing afternoon and loved seeing his little eyes light up every time he saw a big fish. Once we got home, we put on our pj’s and cuddled on the couch for the rest of the night. We watched Finding Dory because it seemed like a fitting movie for our fish themed day. It was so nice to sit in our comfy little living room and just spend time with my baby boy. He spent most of the time snuggled up on my chest sleeping, I even took a little nap which is so rare for me! It was the perfect day.

It was tough leaving him at daycare this morning. I love our days together. I can’t wait to get done working so I can go be with him. It’s a slow day today and I feel like the minutes are lasting hours! Soon enough I’ll be able to leave- I’m going to pick up that sweet little boy of mine and snuggle him forever!! It’s the best part of my day ❤

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