Three Months of Mr. Evi

My baby boy is three months old! Time is just flying by and I am loving every second of being his mommy. If I could stop time I would because this is such a fun age!! Evi is learning so much and it’s so fun to watch him experience so many new things. This little boy is super sweet and loves to snuggle. He loves to be held and watch mommy and daddy. He smiles and makes all kinds of baby noises. I love having conversations with him, we are definitely always on the same page 😉

In the past month Evi has learned to grab anything you put in his path (my favorite is when he gets a good grip on daddy’s beard). He focuses on objects much further in the distance now (no more adult shows on TV!). He can hold his head up almost completely on his own and still enjoys being on his tummy. He loves to eat (he is 13.5 lbs now) and is highly entertained by his play mat. He seems to really like animals- he watches our dog pepper a lot. We brought him to the zoo where he has seen giraffes, monkeys, tigers and elephants. At the fair he met some piggies, sheep and cows. He smiles and giggles when I sing Old McDonald to him 🙂

I love spending my evenings snuggling my sweet baby. Sometimes we hang out in the kitchen, listening to music and dancing while we prepare our meals. Sometimes we snuggle in the living room and play with toys. Sometimes we take a walk around the neighborhood. Evi loves to look at all the trees so I try to go out when it’s not super sunny so I can leave the top down on his stroller. I never really mind what we are doing though, as long as I’ve got that little boy in my arms I am good to go!

Evi is now wearing 6-9 month clothes. Not because of him being pudgy though- it’s because he is so long! The 3 month onsies are just too short on him. He wears size 2 diapers now and has no problems filling them up haha. He thinks that pooping is very funny and I know for sure that him and daddy are going to have some serious bonding time when it comes to talking about certain bodily functions. We still don’t have any kind of set schedule. Evi sleeps and eats when he wants. He usually falls asleep on his own between 8 and 9 pm and only wakes up once or twice through the night. He starts the night out in his pack and play in our room but always ends up right next to me in bed (this could be a little more of me wanting him next to me than him not sleeping well on his own 😉 but I don’t care one bit- I cherish those little snuggles and I’ve got to soak them up now before he gets too big to cuddle with mommy). He does not like to take naps at all, but doesn’t seem to be tired or grumpy so I let it slide. He is very content just the way things are, and I am too!

I’m posting a few of the 3 month pictures- there are some pretty cute ones! Hope you enjoy them!

Evi- you are such a smart baby. Everyday you learn so much! You are so happy all the time and you light up my world baby boy. This morning when I left for work you were cuddled up in bed with daddy- without you both in my life I would be lost. I am one lucky mommy to have you and I cherish everyday that we spend together.

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