Good Vibes

It always surprises me how quickly my busy and rushed daily routine can take over my life.  I find myself stressing out about finishing my “to do” list and getting all my daily chores done.  I rush around like a nut and by 10 pm I’m exhausted and feel like my entire day went SO fast.  I always feel like I don’t have enough time to get everything done and I end not sleeping well because I’m up worrying about everything I have to do tomorrow.

This past week has been a huge test for me and for the first time I think I passed 🙂  Evi started daycare and Aaron was in Idaho for work.  Our current daycare is no where near our new house or my work- so for the next two months we have to drive way out of the way to drop Evi off.  I knew this was going to be a tough week to take on but before it even started I promised myself that I would only focus on what is important.  I stayed focused at work and made some good progress on my tasks and when I left work,  I stayed focused on Evi.  We spent our evenings snuggling and playing in Evi’s new nursery.  We enjoyed several walks with our pup and spent one evening sitting out on our porch together.  I didn’t finish my to-do list. I didn’t worry about making sure the house was perfectly clean.  I didn’t worry about all of the decorations that need to be hung or boxes that are left to unpack.  When I went to bed at night I held my little boy and thought of nothing but him and how much he means to me.  I slept really well and never once worried about tomorrow.

I’m going into this weekend feeling pretty darn proud of myself.  I’m excited for Aaron to come home and excited to spend our weekend together.  I’m so grateful for our little family and the time we have together.

This wasn’t only a tough week for me- I have some people that I care for deeply that are going through some rough times.  My friend’s boyfriend was hit by a car while riding his bike.  The driver of the car saw how terribly hurt he was and drove away.  Surgery was needed before the healing process could begin, but it went well.  I’m so thankful that he is okay.  My sister lost a friend this week.  She was only 34 years old and the mother of a 10 month old baby.  She learned she had cancer not long ago and it progressed so far that the treatments couldn’t stop it.  I pray for her, and her family.  I pray for my sister who is suffering from this loss.  Life seems so unfair sometimes.  Bad things happen to wonderful people.  I realized through these events and my tough week that life is too short to spend it worrying.  No chore is more important than spending every second you can with those who you love and cherish most.  I believe there is a lot of good in the world and I promised myself that I will remember and celebrate this fact as much as possible.

I want my friends and family to know how much I love and support them.  I’m here for them always.  I want Evi to know how much I love him.  He’s growing up so fast and he’s doing great at daycare.  I’m so proud of him already- he’s such a happy baby!  He is my heart- and so are my family and friends.  I hope that everyone has a happy (and healing) weekend.  Enjoy the warm weather and time with your loved ones.  Know that I am thinking of you and sending good vibes your way ❤


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