Super Mom

I’m not quite sure why I thought it was a good idea to care for a baby, buy a house and start back up at work all at the same time.  I must be crazy right??  Lately life has been so BUSY!!  But I have to be honest, I love every second of it.  Being a mom has been SO much fun.  Evi is growing quickly and I think we’ve finally got in the groove of being parents.  Aaron and I have been working well together and Evi seems to be as happy as ever.  He’s so damn cute- I can’t stand it!!  He has my heart forever ❤

I started back up at work this past week.  I quickly learned how important it is to pay close attention to my schedule so I have time to pump throughout the day.  So far it’s going really well.  My boss had several tasks for me to work on when I returned, which made me feel good.  I like helping out as much as possible and I was worried that everyone would forget about me if I left work for six weeks.  That was not the case at all, I jumped right back into my usual schedule and I’m already helping out with several projects.  I’m so lucky! I love my job!!  It makes being away from Evi a little less painful and knowing that he is home with Aaron makes it a piece of cake.  Ask me again in a couple of weeks when I’m leaving Evi at daycare how I feel…I might have a different opinion.

Aaron and I got Evi enrolled in a daycare both close to our current apartment and our new home.  I’m SO excited about the house!  It’s small, but a perfect starter home.  It has an updated kitchen, hardwood floors and a wood fireplace!  It’s in a great location and in one of the best school districts in Columbus, so we are happy to stay there while Evi starts school and also think the home will have great re-sale value.  So far it’s going great and we are on track to close on June 30th.  We plan on moving the first week in July- we are so excited!!  This is just in time for Aaron to start his classes back up so things are about to get even crazier.  I know that we can handle it though- just one day at time 🙂  Here are some pics of the house:


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Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  It has been amazing to watch Aaron become a dad.  He’s so great with Evi.  I love seeing them together and you can already tell how much Evi loves his daddy.  He watches him all the time, and smiles at him too!  They are two peas in a pod- my boys.  They melt my heart!  I’m excited to celebrate with Aaron tomorrow.  We are going to go to the hardware store and buy him some new tools for the house (a perfect Father’s Day gift) and then go out to dinner.  Aaron deserves the best day, he’s such a loving and nurturing dad, I can’t wait to watch him raise our little boy!

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