One Month of Mr. Evi

Everett is over a month old!  I can’t believe how much he has grown.  This little boy lights up each of my days.  He loves to cuddle and just last week started smiling at me when I talk to him.  Evi has traveled many places in Columbus including the zoo, mall, grocery store, park and even a few breweries 😉  He is a very happy baby and loves to be held.  He also loves to eat and is weighing in at about 8 lbs 10 oz.  He has his next doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and I can’t wait to hear how he is doing.  Evi sleeps through most nights and although it’s not the safest thing he sleeps in bed with us.  He’s usually cuddled up right at my side.  There is nothing I love more than listening to all his little baby noises while we sleep at night.  Everyday I read Evi a book or two and we practice tummy time.  He can hold his head up, but only for little bits of time.  He loves to be swaddled and takes lots of naps, especially when I boba wrap him.  He loves when Daddy sings to him and loves to cuddle up on Daddy’s shoulder.  He’s even watched a Cavs game or two 🙂  No surprise there!!

I’ve spent the majority of this maternity leave just staring at him.  To me, he is the most beautiful baby boy in the world and I’m so lucky that he is ours.  I’m excited to watch him grow over the next few months but I really hope it doesn’t happen too fast- he won’t be this little forever and I want to soak in each second.  He’s some pictures from his one month photo shoot:

Other updates:  We spent all last week with my family in PA.  It was the first time that Evi and Aurie met and they were super cute.  It was also the first time that Evi met Aunt Lauryn, Uncle Corey, his BFF (Colleen’s baby, Fin) and his great grandparents.  Aurie is SO cute!! She is getting so big and can crawl now- I loved every second with her.  Everyone had a great time, it was a really nice visit.  So thankful for the family time!!  Aaron is in Idaho this week- it’s his first time away from Evi and I think it was a little tough on him leaving.  I’ll be feeling that way next week when my maternity leave is up.  I can’t believe how fast it went but I’m so grateful for my time with the little man.  Oh we also have some other BIG news to share- we put in an offer on a house!!!  I’m so excited about it!  We will find out today or tomorrow if it’s ours so I will keep you posted.  Besides that I’m just taking it easy and enjoying my last week with Evi.  I’ll leave this post with a couple more pics from our trip to PA.  Thanks for checking in everyone!  Hope you are still enjoying the blog 🙂

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