Three Weeks of Mr. Evi

I wish there was a way to slow down time.  Evi is three weeks old- I can’t believe how much he has grown and changed already.  If I could I would slow down time so that I can soak in each second even more than I already am.  This little boy is absolutely amazing.  He’s so smart and most definitely growing up WAY too fast!  He’s focusing really well and makes all kinds of faces.  I’ve learned what all his little cries mean and have gotten really good at giving him exactly what he wants.  No surprises there- this little one is SPOILED!!  Oh and he’s especially spoiled by his daddy!  I wish you could see how Aaron is with him- it’s so sweet 🙂

Evi is such a good baby!  He is sleeping at night and spends his days eating lots and taking many naps.  He loves to ride in his car seat and has already visited so many places in Columbus (he’s been to the mall, the zoo, the grocery store and even a couple restaurants and breweries).  I’ve read him lots of books and we practice tummy time at least once every day.  We’ve had no problems breastfeeding so we introduced a pacifier and bottle already- and both worked out really well.  This little boy has no problems at all when it comes to eating (just like his mommy and daddy 😉 ).  He loves when we sing to him- especially his daddy.  It’s so cute when we calms right down as soon as Aaron starts singing one of his goofy songs to him.  Evi’s current nicknames include: Mr. Man, Mr. Grump and Mister Mister.

I’ve been taking pictures and have lots of to post- so here goes:

Evi’s first week was filled with lots of LOVE.  My family was in town and I don’t think Evi was put down for a second.  He was snuggled, cuddled and kissed more than any little boy I know.  Evi got to meet his PopPop, Grammy, Poppy, Aunt Allisyn, Aunt Krista and Uncle Danny all in his first week.  He still has his Aunt Lauryn, Uncle Corey and Cousin Aurie to meet but that is happening this coming weekend and we CAN’T WAIT!  Evi met Grandma and Grandpa Johnson at the hospital the day he was born and I’m sure he will meet the rest of the Johnsons sometime soon. Here is picture proof of everyone holding our little one.  It was such a wonderful week!

We took our family to the Franklin Park Conservatory.  They had a butterfly exhibit and you walk in this big room filled with beautiful plants and butterflies flying around freely.  It was really fun, and Evi’s first trip the conservatory.

We brought Aunt Allisyn to the zoo.  It was a really good day there because all of the animals were very active, especially the bears.  Evi slept the whole time, but I like to think he had just as much fun as we did 😉

Once all our family made their way back home it was just me and my boys.  The next couple of weeks were filled with snuggles and naps.  Evi had his first bath and his first bottle!


Aaron and I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on May 8th.  With a new baby we didn’t do too much but we did spend the whole day together and took Evi on his first big walk.  I’m grateful for my handsome hubby.  He’s always there for me and it was awesome to watch him become a dad.  He quickly got the diaper changing thing down and loved giving Evi his first bottle.  I think he loves it most when Evi poops and burps- Aaron always cracks up when it happens.  Here are some pics from our anniversary walk:

I’m so lucky- Every morning I count my blessings.  I have a loving, caring husband, three adorable kitties, a spunky pup and one amazing little boy who melts my heart everyday.  A happy little family ❤

This picture sums up my morning view- I don’t think life could get any better!!


Maternity leave is amazing- it gives me time to bond and take care of Evi.  My co-workers had a small baby shower for us last week.  I got to show Aaron around my labs and catch up with everyone.  It got me excited to go back to work- I truly love my job and although it will be really hard to leave Evi, I will be returning to a job I enjoy and co-workers that are fun to be around.  We had the chance for Evi to meet all of our Ohio friends too!  It’s been so fun introducing him to everyone- we celebrated Brandon’s 30th birthday up in Cleveland and went to the zoo for a second time with Allie and her new baby, Thea (Brandon and Allie are Aaron’s old high school friends).  We joked that Evi and Thea would date someday- I’m sure Evi will be quite the ladies man 😉 Oh and some other big news- we got pre-approved for a loan to buy a house!  We even went to some open houses this past weekend.  I’m excited to finally have our own place and I can’t wait to see where we end up – I’ll keep you posted on the progress 🙂

I think that’s it for now- someday Evi will read this and see how much he was loved and how excited we were to have him join our family.  He might be a little mad that I posted a naked picture of him when he took his first bath, but I don’t even care!! Evi- you are our world and the cutest little boy I have ever seen- we love you SO much little man ❤

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