39 Weeks Pregnant

We are now only 1 week away from our due date.   I can’t believe how blessed we are- a full term healthy pregnancy.  I still catch myself thinking back on the past couple of years.  Since Aaron and I got married we have been through so much.  I’m so thankful each and every day for this opportunity to become parents- our lives are about to change forever.  I’m really focusing on cherishing every last minute Aaron and I have together before we become parents.  On May 8th we will be married for two years and I’m so proud of the strong and caring couple we have become.

This baby couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  We are so ready for this-  the excitement we feel is unreal and I have a feeling our friends and family are pretty excited too.  In the past week I’ve heard from each of my family members and also my closest friends.  Thank you so much for sharing in this exciting moment with us! I love hearing from each and every one of you and I promise to keep you posted over the next couple weeks.

On my way home from work yesterday I was listening to the radio and there was a story about a set of new parents who realized very quickly how fast life moves when you have a new baby.  They felt like huge moments were just passing them by and were worried that they would quickly forget how amazing each minute was as they raised their child.  They started an email account for their baby and began to send emails every once in a while telling their baby their thoughts and documenting their favorite stories.  I thought it was such a good idea!!  And it really made me feel good about starting this blog.  That baby is going to have so much fun reading those emails one day, and I hope that my future family has fun reading this blog someday.

I love looking back on my old posts and seeing how far I’ve come- I also love the idea of all my future posts- all the “firsts” that little Everett will be experiencing as he makes his journey into this huge world.  My heart explodes with excitement when I think about holding him for the first time.  I can’t wait to meet him- to see what he looks like and to care for him.  I’ve seen some family members and friends become moms over the past couple of years and I pray every day that I will be an amazing mom just like them 🙂

This could be my last post before I become a mom, or maybe not if Evi decides to hang out for a bit longer.  Whatever happens, I’m okay with it.  I just pray for a healthy and safe birth no matter what the situation is.

Everett- you are already our world. You take your time, but know that your mommy and daddy are waiting for you and can’t wait to meet you ❤

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