38 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 38 weeks exactly- My app says that you are 7.0 pounds now and 19-22 inches long.

Total weight gain: +32 lbs (I ended up with a really bad cold this past week and I lost a little bit of weight but I’m sure I will gain that right back now that I am feeling better)

Maternity clothes: I’m down to only one pair of work pants that fit me haha!  We are exactly two weeks from the due date and I refuse to spend more money on maternity clothes so I wear the same pair every day and do laundry on Tues nights- Friday we can dress down and luckily I still have jeans that fit me 😉

Mood: Today I’m good, but the past four days I have been miserable!  I got the worst cold and felt so terrible- it’s tough when you can’t take regular cold medicine- but I think the worst of it is over and I’m finally starting to feel better.

Sleep: It’s my favorite thing to do!

Best moment of this week: For Christmas my mom got us a membership to the Columbus Zoo.  It’s a perfect gift because we will be able to bring Evi there for walks this summer.  Aaron and I went this past weekend and spent the afternoon watching all the animals.  It was a lot of fun- I just love the zoo!

Miss anything: Not really- I’m just so excited for Evi to get here- it’s all I think about these days 🙂

Movement: yep!  He’s always moving around- It’s fun to try and figure out what position he is in.

Food cravings:  Still loving fruit- and Easter candy 😉

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, not at all!

Have you started to show yet: For sure!  Here’s the most recent baby bump (taken just a couple of minutes ago in the bathroom at work ;)- it’s a bad picture but you get the point- I look mega pregnant!)  I just happen to be wearing the same shirt I wore in our maternity pics that my sister took for us- I included some pics from the shoot- I’m so lucky to have my talented sister to take pics for us!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gender: a BOY!!!

Labor signs: yes!  I’ve been getting braxton hicks contractions every once in a while, but they are not very intense.

Belly button in or out: in.

Wedding rings on or off: on.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!  SO excited for the little man to join our family!

Looking forward to: Being able to sleep on my stomach again.

Other news/stories:  We have our next doctor’s appointment this afternoon- only two more weeks until the due date- I honestly can’t believe it!

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