Baby Nursery and Shower!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!  Thank you to all our friends and family that have loved and supported us through each step of the past eight months.  Aaron, Everett and I are so grateful for each and every one of you.  It’s because of you that we had the most amazing baby shower EVER!! And it’s because of all your thoughtful and generous gifts that we have a baby nursery to nurture and raise our precious little boy in 🙂 ❤

I’m feeling so excited as I enter this last month of pregnancy.  I’m confident that Aaron and I have the support system we need to handle any tough times we may face as we enter the world of parenting.  I love having all my most favorite (and experienced) people just a phone call away if there is ever anything I need.  It takes away all my worries and allows me to look into this next month with nothing but an overwhelming feeling of joy.

Everett will be here soon!!!! Do you believe it?!?! I can’t wait to hold him.  I’m excited to see what his cute little face looks like- Will he look like Aaron?  Be a little blonde hair, blue eyed cutie?  Or will he have dark hair and dark eyes, ready to take on the world with that Italian attitude that we all know so well?  All I know is that when I hold that baby in my arms it’s going to be the best moment of my life- and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

I wanted to share some pictures of the nursery and baby shower fun in this post.  There are still a couple of last minute additions to the nursery but these pics show the progress so far.  I hope you enjoy them!!

The nursery set up:

 Baby shower fun:

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