35 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 35 weeks + 3 days (you are the size of a coconut) – my pregnancy app says you are approximately 19-22 inches long and 5.5 pounds.

Total weight gain: +32 lbs (and feeling great!!)

Maternity clothes: every day 🙂

Mood: Excited!! How is it possible that I am only a month away from our due date?? According to our doctor everything is going really well.  Evi is growing and moving just as he should and my blood pressure and weight gain is healthy and normal. I’m hoping Evi stays comfy and safe for the next month.

Sleep: I’ve been pretty busy during the day, so sleeping once I finally make it to bed has been no problem at all.

Best moment of this week: Last weekend we drove home for our baby shower.  Aaron and I might be the luckiest people in the world.  We were surrounded by so much excitement and support from our family and friends!  It was awesome to catch up with everyone and even those that were too far away to make it checked in wishing me the best shower day ever.  I’m going to post some pics in my next post, so keep an eye out.  Thank you to my mom and sisters for working so hard to make it the most perfect day 🙂

Miss anything: Nope, not at all.

Movement: Constantly- when I sit down to do a kick count it only takes about 10 minutes for 8-12 movements.

Food cravings: Not really.  Cooking has been a challenge this pregnancy.  Luckily I have a handsome hubby that makes my meals, or has no problem at all joining me for a night out when we are both too tired to cook.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, not at all!

Have you started to show yet: oh yea! For sure:

Gender: a BOY!!!

Labor signs: nope.

Belly button in or out: in.

Wedding rings on or off: on.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!  I’ve been feeling great!

Looking forward to: Evi’s arrival!!  We have the nursery all set up (pics in next post) and this past weekend I washed all his little clothes.  We are officially ready!!

Other news/stories:  Aaron is finishing up his school semester this week.  I’m SO proud of him.  He took two classes and to be honest, it was a tough couple of months.  He was very busy but handled it well.  He worked hard and made it through the semester with no problems at all.  We’ve been keeping an eye on the job postings at Battelle.  I’m excited to see where these next couple of months take him- maybe a career change is just around the corner 😉

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