3rd Trimester Updates

Everett’s due date is just 9 weeks away- I honestly can’t believe it!  I had my most recent doctor’s appointment last week- I’m measuring right where I should be and we heard a strong, healthy heartbeat at 142.  I asked the doctor when I would get to see my little peanut again hoping that the next ultrasound was just around corner- I learned that unless there is a medical reason to justify a ultrasound, the next time I will be seeing Evi is when he is in my arms.  I’m completely okay with this- it means everything is going well, which is a huge blessing.  I’m so excited to see what he looks like 🙂

Aaron and I have been working hard to get ready for our newest addition.  We cleaned out Aaron’s office (which will now become the nursery) and after I clean the carpets this weekend we will start to build the crib, changing table and rocker.  Our registry is complete and we’ve completed all of the birthing classes- I’m start to feel so much more prepared for this huge change in our lives.  I’ll be sure to take pictures as we build the nursery- it’s a fun project and I’m really enjoying every second of it.

I wanted to share some of my 3rd trimester favorites- these are the items that I can’t seem to live without these days:


#1 Exercise Ball  #2 Activity Tracker  #3 Lush Bath Bombs  #4 Tums  #5 L.L. Bean Slippers  #6 Healthy Mama EaZZZe The Pain!  #7 Heating Pad

  I don’t have my exercise/birthing ball yet but it’s been ordered and is on the way.  My birthing class had these for us to try.  It helped relieve some of the slight back pain I’m having and I hear this is a must have during labor.  I shared a link to some of the activity trackers that are sold at Best Buy (any of the models out there would do).  My work offers the Virgin Pulse Max as part of a benefit program.  I get points for all my activity which lowers the cost of my benefits.  I use my Max tracker to make sure I walk anywhere from 7,000-12,000 steps a day.  My current goal is 10,000 steps a day and I’ve been doing really well.  Pepper enjoys this too because as the weather warms up we will be going on lots of walks (her favorite thing!).  I discovered the Lush bath bombs this winter and I’m addicted!  They are expensive, but trust me- they are worth every penny (pregnant or not!).  There’s nothing better than a relaxing warm bath right before bed.  I don’t have a lot of heartburn yet, but I’m told it will get worse.  For the few times I have had it, Tums fixed the problem right away so I always make sure to have some close by.  I carry a travel size container in my purse too 😉  I’ve been wearing the L.L. Bean slippers for years now (they are sort of an addiction all the females in my family have) but these slippers have come in handy a lot during the third trimester.  My feet usually hurt pretty bad by the time I get home from work so when I walk in the door the first thing I do is put on my slippers (along with my pj’s most days).  My sister got me Healthy Mama pain relief medicine in a care package when I first got pregnant.  I haven’t touched it too much but lately it’s been really nice to help me get to sleep at night.  It takes all those body aches away and helps me to get a good night’s rest.  Last, but not least, is my heating pad.  Also a must have when I’m falling asleep at night.  I use it mostly on my lower back, but it works wonders on my shoulder’s and neck as well.

So that’s it- all my favorites!  Hope you enjoyed hearing about them.  I’ll end this post with my progress pic so far.  This is the changes from 15 to 30 weeks- it sure is amazing isn’t it? ❤


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