A Little Reflection

We are in the third trimester.  I’m so overjoyed to be saying this- it’s such a big deal for us.  Aaron and I started trying for a baby right before I started this blog (my first post was on August 7, 2015).  A year and a half ago I had no idea what I was in for.  We were about to start one of the toughest journeys of our lives- but it was a journey that made us so strong.  I’m grateful for each day of this pregnancy.  I’m thankful for the healthy little peanut growing in my tummy.  Every time he moves my heart explodes.  I didn’t think it was possible to love someone who doesn’t exist yet the way I love this baby.  Eleven weeks from now we will be hitting our due date- time sure does fly!  We have so many fun moments coming up.  We will be finishing our birthing classes, taking a hospital tour, making our way to PA for the baby shower and then setting up our tiny apartment to accommodate one more very important little boy.

Even through all the fun (and busy) moments, I will always be praying and thanking God for bringing this baby to us.  I will also be praying and thinking of women who are going through tough times to get where we are at today.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish the absolutely best for all women out there trying to conceive.  I will always think of the women who can’t conceive and  pray for them as they enter the journey to adoption or decide that their path forward is one that might be baby-free, but still valuable and rewarding.  I still plan to tell my story out loud so it’s known that we are not alone.  My story is a successful one, but I understand this is not true for all women.  I am grateful for the opportunity to understand and experience how hard it can be.  I learned so much and I’m happy that I can be there to talk to anyone who might need some help and encouragement.

Life is full of surprises, both good and bad.  But if we are able to learn as much as possible through our experiences it will make us a better and more understanding person.  I understand that I am one of the lucky ones- and because of this I appreciate and pay close attention to every little moment.  I’m able to look towards a bright future with excitement, but also a deep understanding of the emotional and physical trials that had to be overcome to get to there.  I’m grateful for the path I took to become pregnant- it was a bumpy crazy ride but I’m so happy that it happened the way it did.

So here we are- celebrating the good and appreciating the bad.  I’ve been waiting to feel this way for a long time.

The Johnson’s lives are about to change in the best possible way- I’m so ready for this.

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