Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  2017- this is it!  The year I become a mom!! My resolution this year is an easy one- enjoy every single moment.  This little boy that is about to join our family is going to be my everything and the excitement is unreal.  I wish nothing for the next year but to learn how to be the best mom I can, appreciating and enjoying every moment that passes by.

I wanted to take a minute and reflect on this past year.  Some big changes happened that caused a positive impact in my life and the best part about the whole thing is that I AM THE ONE who made those differences.  It feels pretty amazing to look back on how far I’ve come.  Here is my 2016 recap:

My Career.

I was grateful for the opportunity to work in the same town as my husband and learned a lot at my job at Idaho National Lab, but the truth is- I wasn’t happy there.  I was doing research that wasn’t meaningful to me.  In August of 2016, with the support of my amazing and patient husband, I started a new job at Battelle in Columbus, OH.  For the first time in my entire life I can say that I absolutely love my job.  I know this sounds like I’m bragging but listen up- I worked really hard to get where I am!  I spent a large portion of my life getting my doctorate and I am truly proud of myself.  My hard work has paid off and I landed an amazing job with huge potential to grow- Aaron always tells me that someday I’ll be running Battelle and I can totally see myself doing it 😉  I’m proud to be a hardworking woman scientist!  And it wasn’t until the past year that I started to feel the benefits of my hard work.  I’m totally prepared to be an amazing mom while still maintaining a solid good job.  My career is very important to me- and this is something I am truly proud of.

My Relationship with Aaron.

Aaron and I have really made some huge efforts to put our relationship at the top of our lists.  Not a day goes by that we don’t tell (and show) each other how much we love and support each other.  We have traveled the world this past year on some pretty amazing trips and experienced so many new things together.  We have taken the time to share our goals with each other and have worked really hard to make those goals a reality.  Aaron is currently working towards his next science degree and I couldn’t be more proud.  This man is the strongest, smartest person I know and he motivates me constantly to be a better person.  We’ve worked on taking time out of our busy days to spend time together- we go on walks, explore new parks, read to each other and enjoy our meals together.  We supported each other through the tough times this past year and did whatever it took to take on those problems head on until a solution was found (and most importantly we did this together).  I’m excited to watch our relationship grow and excited to watch Aaron be a dad.  So much to look forward to!

My Relationship with my Family.

I went through some emotionally rough moments this past year.  For a while it was so bad that I was destroying my relationships with the people that meant the most to me.  I realized it was happening and searched out a solution.  I went to therapy to get the help I needed and to mend those broken relationships.  I think it’s safe to say that it worked 🙂  I took all the steps to make sure that the worst was behind me and had no problem at all apologizing for all my  wrong doings and harsh words.  My relationship with my family has never been better!  I can feel the excitement for all the new babies, engagements and marriages that are just around the corner.  It was a perfect time to get myself back on track and really focus on family- it’s the most important thing right?

Loving Myself.

Like I’ve said before- this past year included some pretty emotionally and physically draining moments.  There were parts of this year that completely destroyed me.  It took a long time to heal.  Really long time.  But I did it!  I learned how to love myself through the tough times and I learned how to forgive myself.  I learned that I am only human and can only take so much-I also learned to love the woman I was becoming.  Emotionally I learned that it’s okay to feel really crappy.  And that eventually those crappy feelings will turn into good ones.  Physically, I learned to love the woman I am!  I went from being the lightest and most in shape I ever was to being the heaviest (growing a baby takes a lot out of you!!) this past year.  I have complete confidence that I will return to that light, fit self but to be honest I’m not in too big of a rush.  I love who I am, both inside and out.  And I’m proud of my past, everything that happened made me the strong woman I am today.  It taught me to appreciate the good and the bad.  Both change you…for the better 🙂

I’ll end this post with a couple pictures.  The first picture is not only a snapshot of the amazing little boy that has been growing like crazy over the past six months, but a snapshot of the changes I see in myself.  For each one of these pictures I can remember who I was and what I was feeling.  The last picture at the bottom is a selfie that Aaron and I took just after midnight on January 1st, 2017.  It reminds me of the happiness and excitement that this year will bring us- I am one lucky girl ❤

Everett Weeks 8-24
First pic in 2017!!


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