A Letter From Dad

We have a guest author today 🙂

A while back I asked Aaron to write a letter to Everett.  Aaron asked me what I wanted it to be about and I told anything he wanted- so of course it’s sports related!  I’m pretty excited to post this- hopefully this is the first of many very important father/son lessons  being taught to Evi by his Dad.  I can already imagine these two sitting on the couch watching games together, hopefully rooting for the same team 😉

So here goes- A Letter to Everett:

Teams you will love to cheer for.

Everett, as you grow up there will be many things you learn about me and your mother. One of the things I am sure you will have noticed by now is how much I enjoy sports. Sports have played a profound impact on my life beginning when I was a little boy just like you. I also absolutely love watching my teams play. Day or night, if my team is on, I’m watching them! Sometimes your mother isn’t super pleased about this, but she has learned to love my teams as well.

Because these teams are so important to me I want to give you a list of all my favorite teams. This list is in order of how much I love these teams. Hopefully, as you grow up you will learn to love these teams as much as I do.

Washington State Cougar Football

Without a doubt, the Washington State Cougar football team is my favorite team of any sport. My love for them actually started really late in my life. You see, when I was a little boy I loved your grandpa’s favorite team – the Washington Huskies. Grandpa went to college there and he loves them immensely. Because of his love, I loved them! While all my friends in school were Ohio State fans, I was proud to be a fan of the Huskies. This quickly changed though, because in 2009 I enrolled at Washington State University for college. Once I set foot on campus my fandom completely changed. Now I hate the Huskies and root for them to lose every time they play, ESPECIALLY when they play us!

In the summer and fall when I had spare time I used to go watch the football team practice. I loved it! In the five years I was a student at Washington State the team was not very good. I have many memories of going to football games and watching us lose by 40 or 50 points every game. I still loved that team with all my heart though. Things have started to turn around for the team recently though. They hired a new coach (Mike Leach) who has improved the team a lot. As I write this, we have made it to a bowl game in 3 of the past 4 years! I can’t wait to watch games and cheer for the Cougs with you. I hope that someday your mother and I are able to take you to the University to see a game. Pullman (the town where the college is) is very special to us. Not only is that the place where we first met each other, but its also where some of our most fond memories took place!

2. Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball

When I was in high school I didn’t really care much for basketball. I never played it, I did not watch it on TV much, and just generally wasn’t interested in the sport. This quickly changed though, because there was this kid that went to a nearby high school that was getting national media attention because of how good he was at basketball. He sold out high school arena’s, won state championships every year he played, and was even featured on the cover of sports illustrated magazine! It was so cool that a local kid, who grew up in Akron (only a few minutes away from where I lived back then!), and went to a high school only 15 minutes away from me, was all over the news. I really liked this player, and was super excited when he was eventually drafted #1 in the NBA draft by the local team – The Cleveland Cavaliers. Do you know who I am talking about yet? I bet you can guess! Of course I am talking about LeBron James!

Well LeBron joined the Cav’s and I fell in love with them. It took me only a few games to know all the players on the teams names, and only a few weeks more to learn everything I could about NBA basketball. When I was in high school I was absolutely enthralled with the Cavs! All the way through college and even afterwords I loved them. I became interested in watching the Cav’s because of LeBron, but even when he briefly left the team (that was sad for your father), I still loved them more than anything.

There was a brief time when LeBron left the team and the Cav’s were not very good. When that happened, we were able to get a lot of very high draft picks. One of these picks turned into Kyrie Irving (one of the best players in the NBA) and the others were traded for Kevin Love (another amazing player). LeBron decided to come back to the team in 2015, and pairing him with Kyrie and Kevin made the Cav’s one of the best teams in the NBA. In fact, they made it all the way to the NBA Finals that year. They ended up losing in 6 games to the Golden State Warriors though, and I personally think they only lost because Kyrie and Kevin got hurt and couldn’t play. Well, in 2016 things changed. The Cav’s were really good again and made it all the way to the finals all over again! They had a rematch against the Golden State Warriors this year. It was especially big because the Warriors just won the most games in NBA history before this series against LeBron and the Cav’s and were the overwhelming favorites to win the championship again. In the first 4 out of 7 games of the series the Cav’s actually lost! They were down 3-1 in the series, meaning the warriors only had to win one more game to win the championship over the Cav’s again! But LeBron, Kyrie, and Kevin all came through and we miraculously won the remaining games and the Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA championship. I was so happy when this happened I even cried, your mother saw it! I hope that the Cav’s can win another championship when you are around. I can’t wait to watch the games with you.

3. The Cleveland Browns Football

I hope you grow up to be a Brown’s fan with me. I have been a fan of this team for as long as I can remember. But while the Cougars have improved a lot, and the Cavs won a championship, the Brown’s are really bad. Like really really bad! In fact, I honestly can’t remember the team ever being good! It seems like we are firing our coaches every other year. We don’t have a lot of good players on the team. When we do get good players they do something stupid and get in trouble with the league and can’t play anymore. So why do I like them so much? Because being loyal to where you are from and your local team is very important. It makes it that much more fun and meaningful when eventually when they do finally get good and hopefully win a championship. The Brown’s are just bad. But maybe by the time you are reading this they will be good. I can only hope, because watching the Brown’s with you on Sundays would make me so happy.
But just because those are my favorite, it doesn’t mean there are other teams that I don’t cheer for! Below is just a short list of who else are the ‘good’ guys that dad likes to watch and cheer for.

Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey

Your mother and I just discovered this team when we moved to Columbus and we love them!

Seattle Seahawks Football

When I lived in Washington the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. They were big favorites by everyone there so I became a fan! They are my second favorite team in the NFL.

Cleveland Indians Baseball
I am not as big of of baseball as I am football or basketball, but when I watch baseball I cheer for the Indians.

Ohio State Football

I used to not like them so much, but when we moved to Columbus we became fans. We cheer for them every Saturday just like we do the Cougs!

So there you have it Everett. A list of your dad’s favorite sports teams. I absolutely am so excited and cannot wait to watch these teams play with you. I love you more than anything.

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