Reading to Everett

Hello Hello, Happy Holidays!

Isn’t it the best time of year??  I’ve been SO happy lately!  Work is winding down and although I’m not taking any vacation days this Christmas it still feels like I’m getting a break because my days are not so busy.  Aaron and I shipped our gifts to the wonderful Johnson families and today we are driving up to Cleveland to meet my brother as he makes his was home to give him our gifts for the Roscioli/Reifinger/Donisi families.  Christmas cards are in the mail and our house is decorated.  I really love coming home from work and turning on the tree- It’s so pretty!!

I just wanted to write a quick post because something truly amazing happened last night.  Aaron and I have been talking for a while now about reading out loud to Evi before we go to bed at night and for the first time we tried it.  Aaron is in the middle of a book about the history of computers and the internet (exciting stuff right?!? We aren’t dorks at all!) so he decided to read a chapter out loud.  About two or three sentences in, Evi started moving and grooving and he continued to do so for about twenty minutes- isn’t that amazing!??!  Although I don’t know if this is true, I swear Evi was reacting to Aaron’s voice (that or he got really excited about computers and the internet…maybe we have a future computer scientist on our hands hehe).  Aaron was able to feel the little kicks again too!

Moments like this make me smile.  It was a perfect ending to our day 🙂 ❤

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