Mountain Themed Nursery

I just wanted to post quick because I am so excited!  Aaron and I decided on some nursery details- it’s going to be a mountain theme!  I’m totally in love with the red plaid and black color scheme and I’m pretty pumped to incorporate mountains.  It makes sense since little Evi was technically made in Idaho- in the midst of Yellowstone National Park and the beautiful Grand Teton mountain range 🙂

Here’s some pics to give you an idea of what we are going for:

I even found some national park prints that I think are a must have for this nursery:

It’s my dream to go to the Grand Canyon with Aaron.  It was absolutely beautiful there.  I already made Aaron promise that we are going to be one of those families that loads up the minivan and takes a huge road trip across the US to all the national parks- hehe someday Evi will read this and laugh- hopefully it’s after he had an amazing time on our big vacation 😉

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