Welcome to our Blog!

Aaron and I sent out our baby announcements last night which means we have officially announced our pregnancy to the world- Yay! Special thanks to my sisters for designing such a cute announcement- you are SO talented!!!

We wanted to say Hello and Welcome to all our family and friends! You are our favorite people and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a big part of our life.  Back in May of 2015 you watched us get married and now we want you to be apart of the next big step- HAVING A BABY!!!!!  Thank you for being here to share in this special moment for us.

If you click here you will find all the reasons I decided to start this blog.  It’s been an ongoing project for over a year now and I’m so happy you stopped by to join us on this adventure.  Feel free to take a peak at any or all of my old posts.  I’ve shared some pretty amazing moments, as well as some tough ones. I’ve shared some fun memories and even some shared some advice for our future little one.  I’ve used this blog as a way  document our journey into parenthood, and there’s so much more to come!  We will be sharing pregnancy updates and lots of pictures of our little peanut once he or she arrives.

We welcome any and all comments, we always love to hear from you.  You can even sign up to get an email each time I write a new post.  We invite you to be as involved as you would like and are so grateful to have such a wonderful support system as we take this big step toward our future.

So welcome! We hope that each of you are doing well and we hope that you are gearing up and getting ready for the fast approaching holiday season!  (How is it November already?!?)  Thank you for visiting our blog, and we look forward to sharing all the exciting moments that are just around the corner 🙂


Kristyn and Aaron

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