I’m Officially an Aunt!!

Hi Baby J!

This was such a HUGE week for our family and I’m so excited about it.  I’m officially an Aunt.  On Monday October 24th, we welcomed little Aurora Michele Reifinger into our family.  She was quite the surprise because everyone was convinced your Aunt Lauryn was having a boy.  Aurora is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to meet her in person- your Dad and I are traveling to Boston in just a couple of weeks.  She’s going to be an amazing cousin and playmate for you Baby J. You two are going to be great friends I just know it.

You also got a second cousin this week!  Isn’t that crazy? Your Uncle Eddie and Aunt Jen welcomed little Cooper Benjamin Johnson into our family on Friday October 28th.   We knew that little Cooper was a boy for a long time now and everyone was anxiously awaiting his arrival.  Your Dad and I didn’t plan a trip to meet him yet but we hope to fly out there sometime in February to visit the Johnsons and meet your new cousin.  I’m looking forward to the visit already.  I’m excited for you to have two big cousins to show you the ropes!

I’m so thankful for the healthy and safe deliveries of your new cousins.  I wish nothing but excitement and happiness as the new little ones make their way to their new homes and get settled in.  I’m excited for Lauryn, Corey, Jen and Eddie as they begin their journey into parenthood- it’s a big moment in their lives, and a pretty amazing one!

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