Meet Your Great Grandpa Roscioli

Hi Little One!!

I’m excited to introduce you to your big Italian family.  My Dad (your Grandpa Roscioli) is one of sixteen kids.  Do you believe it?  Picture proof below- the top photo was taken in 1981 and the bottom in 1996.  Your Grandpa Roscioli was child #8- right smack in the middle.  I’m always amazed when I look at these pictures-Can you guess which one is him? hehe.


In the center of it all is my Nana and PopPop.  My Nana loved to sew, garden and do ceramics.  She gave some of the best hugs in the world.  My PopPop always gave the best advice and I remember him drawing an Indian for us growing up.  He drew it anytime we asked and it was fun for us to color it- I must have colored about a million of them.

The number one thing I learned from your Great Grandparents is that family is everything.  They loved each other unconditionally and always.  They raised their children in a loving household and valued every minute they spent together.  My Nana passed away in October 2013.  It was a very tough time for our family but the funeral brought us all together which was truly an amazing experience.  It’s really hard for me to remember my grandmother without my grandfather right next to her side.  Even today, he visits her often at the cemetery.


This picture is one of my favorites.  My Nana looks so happy and look closely at my PopPop- he’s smiling with his eyes.  Having such a big family lead to a very unique childhood- every Sunday we would go to my Nana and PopPop’s house and spend time with all of my cousins.  I’ve lost count of how many cousins I have now, but growing up the numbers were about 50-65.  There was always someone to play with and always someone to talk to. There was always donuts involved and I will never forget sitting around my grandparent’s HUGE dining room table eating sprinkle donuts with my favorite cousins (we used to fight over those sprinkle ones!).

I have a story to tell about you your Great Grandpa Roscioli.  He came to our wedding.  After the ceremony he pulled me aside and told me that this was the most important days of my life.  He told me that marriage is special and that I need to remember my love for Aaron on this day and only let that love grow and become stronger each passing day.  We took at picture right after he told me this- you can see the tears in my eyes!  He truly made my wedding day special and I’m so grateful that he was there.

I feel lucky for growing up the way I did.  Not everyone gets a true understanding of how important your relationship with your family is- I’m lucky to have grown up with Grandparents who made such a big impact on our lives ❤

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