Fall…My Favorite!!

It’s mid-September and that means it’s almost fall.  It’s my favorite season and always puts me in the best mood.  This time of year always means cooler days, beautiful changing leaves and lots of football.  I’m excited to spend my first fall season in Columbus and I can’t wait to see what fun autumn events this city has to offer!

I put together a Fall 2016 favorites to share with you:


#1 Leaves Candle by Bath and Body Works  #5 Mulled Apple Cider  #6 Strap Ankle Boot at Kohl’s  #7 Pumpkin Snickerdoodle

There’s nothing I love more than coming home from work, putting on my PJ’s (yes, even if it’s only 5pm), lighting a candle and cuddling up on the couch to watch Netflix.  I LOVE the “Leaves” scented candle from Bath and Body Works (Yankee Candle makes good fall scented candles too but they are more expensive).  I even like opening a window so it gets a little cold and I can cuddle up with my pup in a blanket 🙂  Next up is an over sized sweater- any type and any color will do!  My #3 favorite is mums!  They are so pretty!  I have a big planter on my front porch and I plan on planting some mums this weekend- they are a perfect fall time accent.  A scarf is a must- and just like the sweater- any type or color will do.  I usually only make mulled cider at Thanksgiving but I decided I’m going to make it more often this fall (the link will get you to a good recipe).  I don’t own the boots in my favorites yet, but I plan on  buying them from Kohl’s.  I really like them and they cover my whole foot so they are approved for the lab.  Lastly is a recipe I tried for Aaron just the other night- Pumpkin snickerdoodles.   They were super easy to make and Aaron told me they were one of the best cookies I ever made (although I’m pretty sure he thinks that about all the cookies I’ve made).  Either way, I tried a bite of one and they really were delicious!

Life has been really good lately- with fall right around the corner things are only going to get better.  I’ve been working at Battelle for over a month now and I love my job.  I’m running a big project here and my team of people have been absolutely amazing.  I feel like I am making a huge difference very early in and it gives me an awesome feeling.  Things at home have been good too.  Aaron and I went on a long bike ride on Sunday night.  I’m hoping tonight I can talk him into another one- we even bought a little carrier for our dog, Pepper.  I’m sure she’s going to hate it but it will be nice to bring her to new places and let her enjoy some of the fall weather too.

All in all I’m pretty content and happy- Life sure is amazing!

Happy Fall!

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