Please Please Please!!

The excitement I have for this baby is unreal- I pray every second that this pregnancy works out.  Please please please let this be a healthy pregnancy!!!

This past weekend Aaron and I went to PA for your Aunt Lauryn’s baby shower.  It was so much fun!! It was cool to see all the generous gifts our friends and family got her.  Our family is SO excited about this baby, it’s all they talked about for three days straight!  I get it though,  this is so amazing and it’s almost impossible to contain all the excitement.  Once the shower was over, we shared our big news.  Everyone was so excited to hear about the addition of another wee one to our family.  Lauryn kept saying how our babies are going to be best friends- I hope she’s right 🙂

I felt sick the majority of the morning today.  I’ve never been so happy to throw up before- it’s a good sign and although I want to feel better, I appreciate the red flag that I’m still pregnant and baby is still growing each and every second.  Last Friday I had a bit of a scare.  I felt 100% NOT pregnant and I started to feel a little crampy.  In the past this was a sure sign of a miscarriage and I panicked.  I called the doctor who squeezed me in for an ultrasound, and I’m so grateful I called.  The ultrasound couldn’t have been more encouraging.  The baby grew since the first ultrasound and was measuring in at 7 weeks (we calculated that I was 7 weeks and 2 days).  Also- WE HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!! It was AMAZING!!  It was beating at 126 bpm and it was the BEST sound I have ever heard.  Luckily, Aaron was there and heard it too.  He had the biggest smile on his face- I just cried haha.  But they were happy tears I promise!

I’m trying my hardest not to worry about this pregnancy.  The doctor said that she has seen plenty of cases of a third (healthy) pregnancy immediately following two miscarriages.  I pray that this is the case for me too.  I’m so ready to be a mom and I’m not sure I can take the pain of a miscarriage again, especially with all the new babies that are joining my family.  I want to be a good Aunt and be part of my niece/nephew’s life.  I don’t want to be separated from everyone as they enjoy the new baby and I take the time I need to heal.  I know that I need to stay positive and take one day at a time.  I plan to keep taking care of myself as best I can, and continue to hope for the best.  October 5th, 2016 is EXACTLY 12 weeks- and it can’t get here soon enough.

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