8 Weeks Pregnant

Hi! Guess what? According to my calculations I am 8 weeks pregnant! I am beyond excited and feeling great! We still haven’t told anyone but have plans to fly home June 10th, just a little after the 12 week mark, to tell my family in person.  I CAN’T wait. After that is Father’s Day weekend and I think that’s when we will tell Aaron’s family. So many fun and exciting times coming up, we are so blessed! I pray every night for a healthy pregnancy, especially with all the traveling we have coming up. I’m doing the best I can to take care of you little one, and I’m really focusing on taking care of myself too. A healthy mama equals a healthy baby!

How far along: 8 weeks (you are the size of a cute little jellybean)

Total weight gain: +2 lbs (and I think it might all be in my boobs hehe)

Maternity clothes: Not yet! Everything still fits the same, but I sure do love coming home from work and throwing on my favorite pair of sweats 😉

Stretch marks: none, it’s too early for that.

Sleep: I am definitely starting to get sleepy. It usually hits me right about 4pm. I’ve been doing really well at powering through it so that I get a good night’s rest each night.

Best moment of this week: On Sunday it was our one year anniversary. We spent the day together just talking about and remembering how much fun our wedding weekend was. We then went out to a nice dinner (they had a seafood buffet and I ate SO much, that could be part of the reason for the +2lbs hehe!).

Miss anything: I’ve been feeling a little nauseous, especially in the morning. It’s been hard to eat my eggs and bacon breakfast I like so much. So I’ve been missing that a little.

Movement: no, it’s too early!

Food cravings: Fruit! I love bananas, nectarines, oranges and strawberries.  I also bought a HUGE watermelon for this week. I can’t wait to have some!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I can’t pinpoint an exact thing that makes me feel sick. It mostly just happens, no matter what I do. I’ve been drinking fizzy lime water which most definitely helps. The nausea really isn’t that bad, and I don’t mind dealing with it if it means we get to meet our little peanut at the end of this year 🙂

Have you started to show yet: nope, that won’t happen for a while.

Gender: I think it’s a girl. Aaron thinks it’s a boy, but of course he would think that!

Labor signs: nope.

Belly button in or out: in.

Wedding rings on or off: on.

Happy or moody most of the time: SO happy! All the time. I’m just so excited about this. It’s been so hard to keep the secret but I know it will be worth it in the end when we get to tell my family in person.

Looking forward to: Still the safe zone! I can’t wait to breathe easy knowing that the little one who I love so much is going to be okay.

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