1st Trimester Updates

Adventure Awaits!

Each and every day I get more and more excited about this little baby.  I didn’t think it was possible to feel this much joy but I am walking around with a constant smile on my face.  I have been cherishing and enjoying every last second of being pregnant.  I truly feel wonderful and I don’t ever want this feeling to go away.  Being a mommy is going to be quite the adventure and I feel more prepared than ever.  Once we hit the second trimester I will begin planning the baby’s nursery and start making a list of the items I will need to take the best care possible of my little bundle of cuteness.  For now I am just taking it one day at a time and soaking in as much as I can- time is just flying by and before I know it the 1st trimester will be over.   I wanted to highlight some of my favorite 1st trimester items that are keeping me informed and helping me cope with the not so fun queasy times.

Whenever I have a tummy ache the first thing I reach for is ginger ale.  I’m really trying to focus on my health and weight during this first trimester so the sugar and calories that come with the ginger ale aren’t exactly welcome.  Instead I’ve been sipping on Perrier lime flavored fizzy water.  This really seems to be doing the trick without all the extra calories.  Up next is Jergens Natural Glow lotion.  With all the vacations, bridal showers and weddings coming up it’s nice to have a slight tan so my ghost white skin doesn’t scare everyone!  This lotion gives me a natural looking tan without any streaks and most importantly is baby safe.  I also bought the face lotion because my skin is so sensitive.  So far I haven’t had any problems at all and I’m just loving this stuff.  In addition to the lime fizzy water I’ve been drinking ginger tea when the nausea gets bad.  This seems to help settle my stomach and tastes pretty darn good.  

I’ve been reading up on all the diet regulations and progress of the little peanut in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Myrkoff.  This book covers everything.  It’s an easy read and really informs of you all the important stuff you need to know each month of the pregnancy.  I also use two apps- The Bump and Glow Nurture.  The Bump tells me how the baby is developing during each week of the pregnancy and Glow Nurture logs all my symptoms each day.  Both apps have resources to help answer any questions you might have and they describe how my body might be changing during each stage of the pregnancy.  One of the items I like to keep track of is how much calcium and folic acid I get each day.  To be sure that I get the proper amounts I have been taking a Prenatal vitamin and Calcium supplement.  It is definitely rough on the stomach and I try to take these vitamins with a meal if I can, but knowing that I am doing everything I can to help with the baby’s development makes the vitamins a little easier to swallow.  Last, but not least, is a very supportive sports bra.  TMI warning!!!  My boobs hurt- constantly.  It is so hard to get a good workout in with all the soreness and pain in the boob area. Investing in some really nice sports bras was a must for me, they help a lot and make my workouts much more pleasant.    

1st Trimester Favorites

#1 Perrier Lime Sparkling Natural Mineral Water  #2 Jergens Natural Firming Moisturizer  #3 Yogi Ginger Tea  #4 What To Expect When You’re Expecting  #5 The Bump  #5 Glow Nurture  #6 Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins  #6 Spring Valley Calcium Vitamin  #7 Champion Sports Bra Guide

So there it is- my 1st trimester favorites.  I can’t wait to continue the 2nd and 3rd trimester posts- this has been so fun! I hope these posts help all my family and friends who are having little ones of their own, and I hope that those who read this share with me all of their favorites too.  I’m always looking for expert advice on the best ways to take care of the cute little baby growing in my tummy 😉

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