Preparing for Italy

In just three short weeks your Dad and I will be heading to Italy 🙂  I have a conference for work there, but we will have plenty of free time to explore the area.  Right now our plans include spending two nights in Venice, two nights in Florence and four nights in Riva del Garda (a town right along Italy’s largest lake).  I am so excited to go on this adventure with Aaron- time is going sooooo slow and I just want to be there!

I’ve started gathering up some items that I decided must make the trip with me.  This includes a nice backpack so I don’t have to carry a purse around, comfy sandals and all my travel size toiletries.  I’m so bringing along a good read, sunglasses and a water bottle to make sure I stay nice and hydrated.  We also invested in a nice camera.  I figured that it’s a pretty nice chunk of change out of our wallets now but it will pay itself back pretty quickly with beautiful pictures on our trip and someday lots of cute pics of the baby.

This trip is going to be amazing and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go.  I want to make sure I pay lots of attention to the safety of the little bean growing in my tummy.  I plan to drink lots of water and make sure to take it easy.  I also plan on getting up and walking around a lot on the long flights just to stretch out for a little.  We have our first doctors appointment on May 24th, the day before we leave so I’m going to make sure to ask the doc if there anything more I can do to ensure the little one’s safety.

Italy Must Haves

#1 Kavu Rope Bag  #2 Cute Target Sandals  #3 My Favorite Clinique Products (this includes the mild liquid facial soap, #2 clarifying lotion, moisture surge gel and smart custom-repair serum: all in travel size of course!)  #4 Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mirrorless Digital Camera  #5 The Bat by Jo Nesbo (who doesn’t love a murder mystery?)  #6 Contigo Water Bottle  (this brand is a little spendy but the best leak proof water bottles and travel mugs I’ve found)  #7 My Ray Bans  (can’t go wrong with these- polarized lenses is a MUST! trust me)

Not only am I counting down the days until this trip, I’m also counting down the days until we share with our families that we have a little one on the way.  According to my calculations I am seven weeks today.  This is just a rough number from an app I use to track the pregnancy.  By our first doctor’s appointment I will be about ten weeks.  I’m excited for the doctor to firm up exactly how far along I am.  I’m also excited to hear that little heart beat.  It’s going to be the best thing I have EVER heard and when I think about it all I do is smile.

There are so many wonderful things happening right now, I’m beyond blessed.  Grateful for each and every moment.

Life sure is lovely 🙂

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