Birthday Surprises

Happy 29th Birthday Aaron!

I’m SO excited.  Your Dad traveled back from his trip to Hungary on his birthday this year.  He arrived back in good old Idaho Falls around 6pm, just in time for a little birthday surprise.  I planned a fun little night for him which included gyros, cupcakes and presents.

The gyros and cupcakes were in no way healthy but super delicious.  A whole batch of cupcakes is a little much for just your Dad and I so I cut the recipe in half using this handy guide.  Here are the recipes:  Mediterranean Meatball Gyros  and Nutella Lava Cupcakes.

After dinner and dessert we opened gifts.  I got his jeep detailed for him which he was SUPER excited about and then I got him a couple of small fun gifts to open.  He was in desperate need of some new workout shirts so I got him a couple of his favorite kind.  The Star Wars fruit snacks were a must and the epsom salt scrub is for his hands, which have developed some calluses with all the workouts he does.  The Bread Bible and mixing bowl were an idea I got after watching the Cooked documentary on Netflix.  I’m hoping your Dad will make me some delicious sourdough bread.  And of course no gift is complete without a Twix and Caramello bar 😉

Untitled presentation

#1 UA Charged Cotton T-shirt     #4 The Healing Garden Eucalyptus Mint Epsom Salt Scrub     #5 The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum     #6 Stainless Mixing Bowl (8 Qt)

Then it was time for the REAL surprise!  I got some cute balloons and tied them to my positive pregnancy test.  When your Dad was outside looking at his newly cleaned jeep I snuck inside and put the balloons out so when he came back inside he would see them. He was SO surprised and happy. He immediately gave me the biggest hug ever and he got all teary-eyed. I, of course, was crying like a baby. We are so grateful and so happy to be pregnant again. I pray every night for a healthy pregnancy. Baby J- we love you so much and you were the best birthday present EVER!!

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