DIY: Paper Rose

So here it is- my first step by step DIY post!  This is a tutorial for making paper roses.  It’s a fun and easy project that can be used to brighten up your home (especially nice if you have kitties that like to eat real flowers) or add a little homemade element to a gift.  They don’t take long to make and would even be nice to use for wedding decorations 🙂

First things first-  Here is what you will need:

  • Paper of your choice (I’ve noticed that thinner paper works best)
  • A glue gun and glue sticks
  • Round wooden dowels
  • Florist stem wire and florist tape
  • Scissors


You will want to start out with four squares of paper that are at least 4″ across.  Starting with one of the squares, fold it in half (matching corner to corner) to make a triangle with the printed side in.  Fold in half again corner to corner and then fold in half one last final time (again corner to corner).  You will end up with a triangle with folds along two edges and an open top.  Draw a small petal shape across the top of the open end and cut the shape out (just like you would if you were making a snowflake in grade school).  Also trim the smallest tip possible from the bottom corner of the triangle to make a small circle in the center (if you trim this too large you won’t be able to assemble the flower later so it’s important you only take the smallest tip possible).  Repeat this for the other three squares.

Unfold your petal triangles and lay flat to form the flower layers.   From the first flower layer cut out one petal along the fold lines.  From the second flower layer cut out two petals along the fold lines.  From the third flower layer cut out three petals along the fold lines.  Leave the fourth flower layer intact.  Save the small petals that you cut out because they will become the center of the flower.

Apply glue along the edge of the flower layers you have cut in the previous step and fold over the other edge to close the gap and form a cone.  When you are finished you will now have four flower layers each with 8, 7, 6 and 5 petals.  For each of these four pieces use the wooden dowel to gently roll the petal tops back to give the illusion of a blooming flower.  This will make the flower look more full and real.

For the center of the flower, start with the single petal cut out and roll it into a cone, using a small amount of glue to hold the cone closed.  For the two and three petal pieces glue the edges to form a cone just as you did with the large flower layers.  If you are using paper that is only printed on one side make sure to form the cones with the printed side on the inside.  When you use the wooden dower to curl the petals you will then see the printed side of the paper on the inside of the flower.

It’s now time to start assembling the flower.  Depending on the thickness of the stem wire you purchased you may want to create a stem by folding the wire in half to give it stability.  The wire I purchased was thinner so I did this and then wrapped the edges together and formed a bead of hot glue on the tip of the stem.  I them took the single petal cone and pulled the stem through it and added another small dab of glue to hold the center of the flower firmly in place.  You can then begin to assemble each flower layer with the petals alternating to give the flower a full look.  I used small dabs of glue at the base of each layer along the stem of the flower to hold each layer in place.

 When you are done gluing the flower onto the stem you can wrap the stem in floral tape to give it a finished look.

All done!  Now you can make a whole bouquet of roses (making 6 or 7 of them takes about 30 minutes) and there are so many ways to personalize these flowers using your own paper design ideas!

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