Sunshine and Yoga

Hi Baby J!

Happy Easter!  I can’t believe that March is over already.  Time sure is flying by.  I have a fun memory to share with you.  Yesterday your Dad and I went to Castle Rock State Park and it was absolutely beautiful!  It’s located about 2.5 hours from us in Almo, Idaho.  There are a ton of hiking trails and this is a hot spot for climbers across the world (your Dad tried to climb a couple of the rocks hehe- it was fun to watch him try 😉 ).  Here are some pics:

It’s amazing what a single afternoon in a beautiful place with the sun shining can do.  I felt refreshed and so happy with life after this little trip.  Your Dad is my heart and soul and there isn’t a single person in the whole world I would rather share all these new adventures with.

Some small updates:  In addition to exploring the area I also started going to yoga classes.  I’ve been feeling really good lately because of it.  It’s nice to just take an hour here to clear my mind and relax.  On Friday of last week I completely two months of my workout program (I was doing insanity workouts and really focusing on eating healthy).  It felt amazing to accomplish this goal and tomorrow I will be jumping right into another two month plan.  I’m excited to start it!

I wanted to write about this little trip because I never want to forget it and the way it made me feel.  I am grateful for opportunities like this one- and just thinking that there are going to be so many more amazing moments in my life just makes me smile 🙂

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