Meet Grandpa Donisi

Good morning!

It’s Friday morning (a day off of work for me this week).  I woke up this morning, worked out, took a nice long shower and came over to the coffee shop to work on my blog.  I love days like this- they are relaxing and I do my best thinking in coffee shops 🙂  Your Dad came over to join me, he’s applying to jobs.  My interview at the company in Wilmington, DE went great!  I prepared like crazy for it and I think it may have paid off.  I will find out next week if I got the job and I pray every night that I did.

Today I want to introduce you to your Grandpa Donisi.  To me, he is Jimmy.  Jimmy and your Grandma Donisi got married about 13 years ago.  I remember the wedding quite well.  I also remember not being too excited about.  You see, at the time I was a bratty teenager and I wasn’t handling the fact that my parents were divorced very well.  I had nothing against Jimmy in particular, but I think that any man marrying my mom would have had to deal with me.

I am grateful each and everyday that Jimmy stuck around.  He is an amazing man and I truly believe that he saved our family.  I can only imagine what it must have been like for him- to be marrying a woman who had four children, one of which was terrible (that would be me).  There is not a single day that I can remember where Jimmy wasn’t there for me.  He is patient, caring, helpful and he makes my mom smile and laugh all the time.  I love him, and my relationship with him is one that will always be special and important to me.

I remember the first time I ever met Jimmy.  My mom was bringing us on a vacation to Florida.  It was the first time she ever flew with us alone and Jimmy met us in the Philadelphia airport to help us get from gate to another (this was long before the crazy security there is now in airports!).  It was only briefly that I met him and I can’t remember what exactly I thought of him but this alone shows you how thoughtful and caring Jimmy is.  He was willing to help my mom drag four kids across the Philadelphia airport, a pretty brave move if you ask me.

Jimmy grew up in the Philadelphia area.  When I met him, I also met his mom.  Her name was Rosemarie and she was the sweetest lady I have ever met.  My mom and Jimmy took her in and helped care for her during her struggle with lung cancer.  I still think about my visits with her and how easily she accepted my family as her own without question or doubt. She raised an amazing man and I’m so grateful that my mom brought Jimmy into our lives.  I value Jimmy’s opinion and I am constantly bugging him with questions especially if it comes to computers and cars.  He is smart and always willing to help.  I can tell that he looks at us kids as his own and this makes complete sense to me, because I look at him as my Dad.

Here’s a couple of pictures from our wedding- It was such a fun day and I’m so lucky that that I had both Jimmy and my Dad walk me down the aisle.

I’m excited for you to meet your Grandpa Donisi.  I know that he will care for you just as he cares for the rest of our family.  You are going to love him! 🙂

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