Life Changing Moments

hello hello!

It’s Sunday morning and your Dad is still sleeping.  I love having a few quiet moments in the morning to gather my thoughts and get ready to face the day.  Something huge is about to happen.  On Friday this week I have an interview at a company called Agilent.  They are located in Wilmington, DE, only 20 minutes south of Philadelphia and 1 hour and 40 minutes from your Grandma and Grandpa Donisi!  This could be a life changing event if I get this job.  And I can’t not express in words how bad I want this job.  I have been working non stop to prepare my interview talk and study up on everything they might ask me about.  I’ve been super stressed about it but trying to stay as calm and organized as I can.  Please please please let me get this job!!

Besides the craziness of my own life, your Aunt Lauryn and Uncle Corey called me yesterday- they are pregnant!!! Can you believe it?!?  They just started trying last month and it happened right away for them.  I think they are a little shocked haha.  I am SO happy for them! And I am beyond excited to be an Aunt.  At first the news was a tough pill to swallow- it’s just that it’s something I’ve wanted for so long and had for a small moment, so I totally know how they feel.  Hearing they were pregnant brought back a lot of those same happy feelings I experienced, but with it came the horribly sad feeling I had when I knew the baby was gone.  Yesterday was a tough day- I’ve never felt so many emotions at the same time- happy and sad.

But today is a new day- and I’m going to be an Aunt!  I’m so excited 🙂  And I know that Corey and Lauryn are going to be the most amazing parents.  I hope that I get this job so that I can be closer to home and part of all the exciting things that are about to happen.  I’m going to buckle down this week- focus on the interview and eating healthy so I feel good about myself.  I need all the confidence I can get!  I will get to see your Grandma Donisi at my interview (she is driving down to spend a couple nights with me) and I’m really looking forward spending time with her.  All in all, life is good.  And it’s just going to keep getting better.

It’s weird to think that life is full of millions of moments but where you end up in life is defined by just a handful of them.

~I have a feeling that some pretty amazing moments are just around the corner~

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