Meet Your Uncle Eddie and Aunt Jen

Hi Baby J!

I realized that I still have a few people that I need to introduce you to.   Today it’s going to be your Uncle Eddie and Aunt Jen.  Eddie is your Dad’s older brother.  I can’t remember the official first time I met him but it was when your Dad and I we’re still in graduate school and living in Pullman, WA.  Eddie used to drive down for football games and to hang out with us.  He joined us for a party or two and one that sticks out in my mind was a Halloween party.  Eddie dressed as a racecar driver and honestly he fit the costume pretty well!  Here is a picture from that party.

eddie halloween

Eddie is with our friend Seth (who is now married and has a baby) and Dane (who is getting married later this year-Aaron is the best man!!).  It was a great visit and I was happy to have Eddie there because your Dad drank just a little too much at that party-Eddie helped me get him home to bed.

Eddie moved to Washington State from Ohio at the same time your Grandma and Grandpa Johnson did.  I always thought he was so brave for a making the move- All the way across the country to a brand new place with no job and not knowing anyone!  Not long after he moved he got a job, an apartment and met a girl named Jen.  I guess it was meant to be 🙂  Before long Eddie and Jen were engaged and they got married in October of last year, the wedding was a lot of fun!

Eddie and Jen

Jen is from Washington and her parents are also in the area so it made perfect sense for them to settle down here.  They bought a house and have been working very hard to fix it up exactly how they want it- I haven’t seen it yet but from what I heard it’s very nice.  Jen and Eddie are perfect for each other.  From the moment they started dating it was very clear to see that they made each other very happy.  When I first met Jen we had a girl’s day and went shopping together.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed her company.  She is a very nice person and you can tell that she cares for Eddie very much.  When Eddie turned 30 she threw a surprise part for him at a brewery in Spokane, I was grateful to be a part of it.

Our relationship with Eddie and Jen isn’t perfect.  There have been many rocky spots along away but as time goes on it’s getting better.  I want nothing more than for your Dad to have a good relationship with his brother.  I can tell that they were there for each other a lot when they were growing up and I would hate to see that disappear.  I know that by the time you arrive your Uncle Eddie and Aunt Jen will be very excited to meet you.  And who knows, maybe you will have a cousin to meet at the same time 🙂


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