Fun Trips and Updates

Hello, hello!! It’s been a while since I have sat down and took some time for myself to write.  I can’t believe it is February already.  January just flew by and so many fun exciting things happened!  Your Dad and I decided that it was time to start trying again for Baby J.  It has been 2 months since the miscarriage and I am finally feeling like myself again.  We are all settled in the new apartment and have been much happier here in Idaho Falls.  Our drives to work are much shorter and this leaves more time for us to hang out at night.  Your Dad starting going to his workouts right from work so that we are able to sit and have dinner together during the week- I love it!

In January we visited Yellowstone National Park and also made a trip up to Spokane to visit your Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.  The Yellowstone trip was amazing.  We did a snowcoach tour and along the way we say Elk, Coyotes, Woodpeckers, Bald Eagles, a Bobcat, Bison and a Red Fox.  The fox was my favorite, he was really cute!  We stayed the night in a little cabin with a fireplace and went out to a couple of the bars in West Yellowstone at night.  I love these trips with your Dad.  He’s a great travel partner and we always have so much fun.  I really feel like we have worked hard and have the best relationship I could ask for.  We care for each other very much and take every opportunity we can to experience something new together.  The park was absolutely breathtaking in the winter.  I posted a few pictures so you can see 🙂

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A couple of weekends later we went up to Spokane and took your Grandparents out for a night on the town.  We had dinner and drinks at a restaurant called Stacks.  It was in an old Steam Plant and honestly I was in love the décor of the place- totally an industrial feel to it and right up my alley.  After our dinner we went to a play: The Book Of Mormon.  It was pretty entertaining.  Despite it being hard to hear at moments and a little inappropriate at times, we all had a really great time.  The next day we had brunch with your Uncle Eddie and Aunt Jen and then I spent the rest of the afternoon working in your Grandpa’s woodshop to make a new lamp for our apartment.  I had fun and loved spending the time with him.  We made homemade pasta for dinner and then hit the road early the next morning to drive back to Idaho.  It was a short trip but definitely worth it.

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Next weekend is Valentine’s Day.  Your Dad and I are spending a night in Jackson Hole, WY.  We are going to spend a whole day skiing (the first time we went this season) and then spend the night.  We will go out for a fancy dinner and just relax.  I’m really looking forward to the trip.

Baby J- I think often of being pregnant again.  We’ve been trying for a total of 9 months now and I’ve definitely learned to be patient in the process.  Good things come to those who wait right?  Well I know for a fact that you are going to be the best thing that ever happened to me.  And I don’t mind one bit if I have to wait for you.  You are worth every second 🙂

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