Another Just Because

Hi Peanut!

I’m so excited! I made my first pregnancy purchase today, a little journal to take notes/write all my questions in and a pair of booties!  I thought the booties were pretty cute and I think I might use them during our pregnancy announcement photo shoot with your Aunt Lauryn (she agreed to take our picture over the Christmas break- it’s so nice having an in house professional photographer!).


So far we have told the entire Johnson Family.  It was SO FUN! We told your Grandparents during Thanksgiving dinner.  They were very excited!  Then we texted this picture to your Aunt Laurie/Uncle Dale, Aunt Jen/Uncle Eddie, Aunt Carrie/Uncle Rob and cousins Alex/Anthony.  We told everyone that we were very excited to announce that we had an extra turkey in the oven this year 🙂 hehe!


Then this past week we had a video chat with your Aunt Lauryn/Uncle Corey and Aunt Allisyn/Uncle Dan.  We told them about your arrival and of course they were very excited as well 🙂  Everyone is SOOOO happy you’re joining our family!  I decided to tell your Aunts about you because the three of us signed up for a half marathon on Dec 13th in Central Park NYC.  I am looking forward to flying out there and visiting for a weekend but I was very nervous about running so far with you.  I told them I would start the race and just see how it goes.  I am very excited that I will get to see my sisters finish their first half marathon though, they have trained really hard for this.

I have to say that I have been in the most amazing mood lately.  I feel completely content with my life right now and have already started to prepare for your arrival.  I think your Dad and I might try to move into an apartment that would cut down on our living costs and also save some commuting time for work.  I’m looking forward to finding a fresh new place and setting it all up, especially your nursery.  We picked out a crib design for you this past week.  Your Dad and I are so lucky to have a supportive family- your Grandpa Johnson volunteered to build your crib, isn’t that amazing?!

Not only do your dad and I have a supportive healthy family, but we also have good jobs, a cute pup, three cute kitties and most importantly, we are about to start a family!!  I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world and I’m so thankful that I ended up where I did.  Your Dad and I think about you every minute and we can’t wait for the next step, which I think might be telling your Great Grandparents and Grandma/Grandpa Donisi.  So much to look forward to!!

Until next time little one- love always.

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