Meet Your Uncle Danny

Hello again!

I just got back from such a fun trip!  Your Dad and I flew down to Las Vegas to meet your Grandma Donisi, your Great Grandpa Schaible and your Uncle Danny.  We had the most amazing time.  Our family is pretty good at finding fun things to do and they love going to the casino, so Vegas was a perfect meeting spot for us.  During the trip we gambled, went out to eat, visited Old Vegas and walked the strip.  Your Uncle Danny went out and got drinks with your Dad and I- we all had a really great time catching up.

Danny lives in Michigan with his girlfriend Krista.  Krista and Danny have been dating since high school and our whole family just loves Krista!  She is a sweetheart and I always love spending time with her.  Krista is a chemical engineer and Danny is in graduate school for chemistry.  Danny informed me during the Vegas trip that he just published his first paper and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  Growing up, your Uncle and I always seemed to get along.  I’m sure I drove Danny crazy most of the time but I really do think we had a pretty good relationship.  I always looked out for him and I will always think of him as my little brother.  Danny might be the most sarcastic man I know (but I love this about him).  He always knows how to make everyone laugh and is really fun to be around.  He is a very hard worker and I know that once he graduates with PhD he will be very successful.  Danny and Krista always amaze me because they really got their act together.  They are smart and perfect for each other.  They have really set up a pretty nice life together out in Michigan.  Here’s a picture of them at our wedding- such a cute couple!!


Krista is such a pretty girl!  I CAN’T wait for them to get married.  I know that it will happen someday soon and I’m already so excited about it.  The big joke in our family is that no one can understand why Krista stays with Danny.  I’m pretty sure that our family likes her more 😉

Well I think that’s it for today, I just wanted you to meet your Uncle.  He’s a very important part of my life and I know he will be in yours too!

We are still trying for you little one.  Someday soon it will happen, I just know it! ❤

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