Meet Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

Hi Peanut!

Today I am going to introduce you to the Johnson Family and tell you all about your Grandpa and Grandma Johnson.  Your Dad has two sisters and a brother.  Both of the sisters, Laurie and Carrie are married.  Carrie is married to Rob and they have two boys, Alex and Anthony – they live out near Seattle, WA.  Laurie is married to Dale and they are currently living on the east coast but moving soon to Deer Park, WA (they are going to be neighbors with your Grandparents!).  Eddie is your Dad’s brother and he will be getting married to a girl named Jen on October 11th.  I think the whole family is starting to get real excited for the wedding; it’s coming up so soon!

Your Grandparents (Ed and Pam Johnson) live in Deer Park, WA which is a very small town north of Spokane.  They both do a really job of keeping busy, especially your Grandpa.  He has a very nice wood working shop in his garage and he spends the majority of his days thinking up and crafting new household items to sell at local craft fairs.  He grew up in Washington and got his PhD in Chemistry at Washington State University just like your Dad.  He is a brilliant man and after graduate school went to work in Ohio for Goodyear Tires.  He had a long and prosperous career there and then retired back in the Northwest where he grew up.  I always love talking with your Grandpa, he has some really good stories and he’s always interested to hear about what your Dad and I are up to at work.  He gave the best toast that anyone could ask for at our wedding, and I was so grateful that he and your Grandma agreed to fly all the way to Pennsylvania for the wedding.

Your Grandma is a fun lady!  She loves to chat about anything and everything.  I always enjoy her company and love hearing her stories about when your Dad and Uncle Eddie were younger.  She is caring and would do anything for you if you needed it.  She helps your Grandpa with all his wood working crafts and honestly, I think it’s hard for her to keep up with all the goodies your Grandpa makes!  She is full of crazy fun ideas and is always up for a glass of white wine (which happens to be my favorite as well so you can see why we get along ;))  I have a story about your Grandma Johnson that I will never forget:

One time your Dad and I were visiting your Grandparents and your Grandma prepared an amazing dinner for us.  I think it was Christmas time before our wedding.  As we were all eating your Grandma said out loud to me that she wanted to say something.  Before I knew it she was balling her eyes out and I honestly thought something terrible had happened.  When she finally composed herself enough to talk she looked at me and said “I just want you know that it would be a real honor if after you and Aaron get married you called me Mom.”  It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me and I already knew that it would be very easy for me to call her that.  I gave her a big hug and everyone at the table went right back to enjoying our meal and each other’s company.

I can honestly say that I love your Dad’s family as my own and I would be lost without their constant support.  They really know how to sit back, relax and just enjoy life.  They are amazing and I can’t wait for you to meet them 🙂  Here are a couple of pictures of your Grandparents at our wedding:

And as I’ve said before, we are all dog lovers!  Here’s a picture of the pups that your grandparents have, they are Huskies and their names are Denali and Kodi.  They are very pretty dogs, aren’t they?

Well I think that’s all I’ve got for you today little one.  Your Dad and I are now going on our fifth month trying for you.  I pray each and every day that you will decide to make your little journey to us.  Just the thought of you alone makes me feel so happy, and you don’t even exist yet.  Imagine how happy I’ll be when I know you are on your way!

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