Meet Your Great Grandparents

It’s time to introduce you to my two of my favorite people in the whole world, my grandparents- your GREAT grandparents!  Bernie and Marie Schaible are the parents of my mom and I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t enjoy their company.  I call them my Nanny and Pappy and because I was the oldest grandchild I was the one who chose those names.  When I was younger one of my favorite things to do was to pack up my little suitcase and go on vacation at Nan and Pap’s house.  Each of us kids would take turns and spend a week at their house and it was one of the best vacations I can remember!  We would do crafts, go shopping at the dollar store, have picnics on their back porch and make our way across the street to where my great parents lived to spend time with them as well.  Here is a picture of your great grandparents at our wedding, I think they had as much fun as your Dad and I did 😉


My Nanny and Pappy are the most caring and thoughtful people you could ever imagine.  They were always there for us, especially in the hard times when my mom was trying to raise us on her own during my parents’ divorce.  My Nanny loves to get her hair done at the hair dressers and she LOVES dogs.  You’ll learn pretty quickly that our entire family is huge animal lovers but I’ll tell you all about that in a different post.  I love greetings from my Nanny, she gives the best hugs and kisses and you can just tell how much she loves you (especially by all the lipstick marks she leaves on your cheeks).  My Pappy loves history and spends a lot of time reading old war novels and researching different aspects of the war that interest him.  They both love going to the casino and they are always up for a visit with the family.  I have learned a lot from my grandparents.  I learned how to patient and appreciate the moments in life that really matter.  I learned how important family is and how to be there for my family no matter what.  I learned how to have fun and sit on the back porch and relax telling stories from the good old days.  Most of all I learned is what it takes to love someone unconditionally.  My grandparents have loved me during each step of my life, no matter how much of a pain in butt I was.

In 2011 we had a very big scare.  My Pappy had a heart attack and we almost lost him.  It was immediately after he had hip surgery and he wasn’t healing quick enough.  My mom knew something was wrong she forced the doctors to take a closer look at him.  Very quickly they were able to diagnose the problem and he was in for heart surgery before anyone could blink an eye.  This was one of the scariest moments of my life.  At the time I was living in Pullman, WA and there would have been no way for me to get home soon enough to tell him how much I loved him before he was gone.  I am thankful every day that the doctors were able to help him and I call to say hello quite often because I always want my grandparents to know I am thinking of them and I love them very much.

On a happier note, this November my Pappy is flying with my Mom to Las Vegas.  Your Dad and I are flying down there to meet them for a weekend and we can’t wait!  Also, your Dad and I are going home for Christmas this year, which means we will get to spend a lot of time with them.  My Nanny was born on Christmas day and one of our family traditions is for my mom to make the best cannolis in the world and we sing Happy Birthday to her, it’s so fun and I can’t wait!

I want to add one more little note to this entry.  When I graduated from WSU, my Pappy was able to fly out and be there to watch all the fun and excitement.  After that weekend he gave me a call and told me to check my book case in my apartment for a surprise.  When I looked I found a journal he had written dating all the way back to 1986, when I was two years old!  I have to say that his journal is the reason I am writing this blog.   My Pappy inspired me to do the same thing for you that he did for me.  The journal was filled with family history, fun memories and it was so interesting to hear his side of the story while I was growing up.  Here is a copy of the very last entry to his journal.  I will always remember the words he wrote here and I thought it would be a good ending to this post.  Enjoy!


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