Meet Grandma Donisi

Hi little one!

It’s starting to cool down a bit and feel more like fall, my favorite time of year.  In the fall five years ago (on Labor Day to be exact) I met your Dad at the WSU gym for him to teach me how to box.  I was really trying to get in shape and always looking for fun ways to workout and I think your Dad thought I was cute, so he pretended that he knew how to box and said he could teach me.  It was the first time we hung out alone so I think it’s safe to say it was our first date.  Now five years later, your Dad and I are married and trying to get pregnant.  I pray each and every day that it happens soon.

This past Labor Day weekend I met my Mom (your Grandma Donisi) in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her and I wanted to do a Mother-Daughter weekend getaway and decided that Phoenix was a nice place to meet because the flights were cheap and it was still very warm there.  We stayed at a fancy resort and had a really great time.  We spent time at the pool and did a lot of shopping.  Shopping may be the number one thing I do when I hang out with Grandma, she loves it!

2015-09-06 15.15.08

Once we exhausted all the fun shopping possibilities in Phoenix, we drove out to Sedona.  I took a picture and posted it below- it was absolutely beautiful there.  I hope that someday you get a chance to see it- so amazing!


Your Grandma lives in Tatamy, Pa.  She is a dialysis nurse and has proven herself to be the best nurse in the area (at least I think she is and I’m pretty sure her bosses agree!).  She works very hard and cares very much for all her patients.  In her free time she likes to meet her good girlfriends out for a good time and also does a lot of fun remodels to her house.  She is an amazing cook (Just ask your Dad about it- he always looks forward to your Grandma’s cooking) and she loves to host and plan parties.  I always tell her that she should quit the nurse job and be a professional party planner.  I’m sure you will get to experience this for all your birthday parties.   When I was in high school, Grandma re-married a wonderful man, named Jimmy.  I’ll tell you all about him in another post though.

I don’t think it would have been possible to have a more amazing woman to raise me.  Your Grandma cares for myself, your Aunts and Uncle more than anything.  Our whole lives she has worked incredibly hard to make sure we always had the best life possible.  She is smart, caring and is always enjoying her life, no matter how hard times get.  It was through her that I learned how to be an amazing mother and I can’t wait to show you all the amazing things she has taught me.  From her I learned how to try my hardest and stand up for my beliefs.  I pushed myself and worked really hard throughout college and graduate school because I saw how hard she worked while raising us kids.

I truly enjoy minute I get to hang out with your Grandma, she has a contagious laugh and just draws you in with all her fun stories.  It’s very easy to see that us kids are her world.  I hope that I can make you feel the way she makes me feel, loved every second of every day. I am very lucky to have both my Mom and Jimmy in my life.  I love them and appreciate everything to do for me, and I know for sure that you will see exactly what I mean when you meet them 😉

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