Meet Your Aunts

Hello!  I just got back from a week long trip to Boston, MA.  I went for a conference for work where I presented some of the research I am doing but stayed after the conference was over to hang out with your future family!  Your grandma and grandpa drove up from PA in your grandma’s new convertible to meet your dad and I and your Aunt Allisyn and Uncle Dan took a bus in from New York City.  Your Aunt Lauryn and Uncle Corey live in Boston so they toured us around and showed us all their favorite places.  I thought this would be a good time to introduce you to your Aunt Lauryn and Allisyn since I had such a great visit with them.


Your Aunts are twins.  They are two years younger than me and to be honest I didn’t really get along with them until they went away to college.  I love them very much but growing up I spent the majority of my time picking on them and making life difficult for them.  There is about a million stories I can tell you as examples but I’ll leave that to them so you can hear their side 😉

Lauryn lives in Chelsea, MA right outside Boston with her husband, Corey.  Corey is also a twin so it’s pretty amazing that they found each other.  They got married just about a year ago on September 13, 2014.  Their wedding was the party of the year and everyone had an amazing time celebrating with them.  I love Corey and he pretty much fits right into our family because he’s funny and talkative.  He’s always cracking a joke or saying something ridiculous that makes us all laugh.   Both him and your Aunt Lauryn are kind hearted and know how to have a good time.  They are graphic designers.  Corey is amazingly talented and works for a company called Johnny Cupcakes where he designs t-shirts.  Lauryn works for Vistaprint and is an amazing photographer and is working on starting up her own business.  By the time you read this she will be a famous photographer shooting more weddings than she has time for.  I’m hoping that she will take lots of amazing photographs of you during the most exciting times of you life so that you can look back and see how amazing you were and how much we all loved you.  Here is a picture of your Aunt Lauryn and Uncle Corey at their wedding- your Aunt was a beautiful bride:


Your Aunt Allisyn lives in New York City with her boyfriend Dan.  I’m pretty confident they will get married sometime soon because Dan has already become part of our family.  They are both graphic designers as well and very talented!  Allisyn and Dan are so much fun to talk to and hang out with, I love them and I love when I get the chance to sit around and talk with them.  They always have the best stories about their adventures in the city and they love to travel so they always have amazing stories about the newest place they have visited.  Dan is very kind and is always the first to ask me if I need anything or want a drink when we hang out.  He cares tremendously about Allisyn and always says the sweetest things to her.  I think your Aunt Allisyn is a little nervous about the idea of me starting to have kids but I know once she meets you all of that will disappear.  I know this because Allisyn might be the biggest dog lover I have ever met and I see how she is with all the family dogs.  If she melts over them I know for sure she will melt over you too 😉  Here is a picture of your Aunt Allisyn and Uncle Dan taken at our wedding, I think they had a really great time:


I love your Aunts very much.  I can not imagine growing up with out them.  I’m very confident that I would not be the person I am today without their constant love and support.  Even though we live nearly 3,000 miles away we have always taken the time to visit each other and talk on the phone so that we stay up to date on all the important moments in our lives.  I know that no matter what good news I have to share my sisters will always feel the same excitement as I do, they are amazing women and have grown up to do some pretty amazing things.  I cannot wait for you meet them someday.  I know that they will be the most loving and caring Aunts anyone could ask for and I know that they will spoil you rotten.

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