A Visit From Your Grandpa

This past weekend my dad (your future Grandpa) flew out to visit me.  He lives in Nazareth, Pa in a rancher style house only ten minutes away from your Grandma.  We visited two parks: Yellowstone National Park and Craters of the Moon.  The southern Idaho area is known for beautiful scenery and pretty amazing outdoor activities.  That is definitely something I will miss when we leave here.

We spent an entire day in Yellowstone and drove around the entire lower loop of the park.  We saw geysers, hot springs, Yellowstone Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Lake and Old Faithful.  I’m pretty sure your Grandpa had the time of his life!  It was really nice spending time with him.  I find it incredibly difficult to live so far away from our families.  Your Dad’s family is in Spokane, Wa which is an 8 hour drive from here and my family is all the way on the east coast.  I miss them everyday and can’t wait to make my way somewhere closer to them.  I’m hoping that we can figure out the move before you come along but I just have to be patient and see what happens.


I think one of my favorite moments of the trip was when Grandpa got excited about the
size of the mountains on the way up to Yellowstone.  He was impressed before we even got in the park!  Here’s a picture of my dad at a geyser called Dragon’s Mouth at Yellowstone.  He loved this one.

We also visited a park called Craters of the Moon.  This is an incredibly unique place with miles and miles of lava rock that formed over 15,000 years ago.  There was a tunnel you could walk through and caves to explore.  We didn’t have a flashlight with us so we couldn’t go in all the caves but still we had an amazing time.  We spent a whole afternoon there just hiking around and having a good time.  I think everyone enjoyed the afternoon and we were pretty tired after the busy two days.



Your Grandpa is a pretty amazing man.  He works at as a machinist in a company in Pa and he loves to tell us about his job.  He loves the Miami Dolphins and New York Mets and I honestly don’t think he ever misses a game.  Your Uncle Danny and him try to go to a couple of games every year it seems, they have a really great time.  He loves to grill and sit outside when it’s nice out and he’s pretty darn good at just hanging out and relaxing.  He loves me and your aunts and uncle more than anything and he would do anything for us.  Someday you will get to meet him and I’m sure that he will spoil you rotten.

Your dad and I had a great time hosting your Grandpa and looking forward to the next time we see him.  Maybe the next time we see him I will be able to tell him that you are on the way- that would be the most amazing news I have ever shared with anyone.  I can’t wait for it. I’m grateful that I got this memory down in writing so someday you can look back on it and read about our adventures.  It was a great weekend and I don’t ever want to forget it.

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